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The sense of 'stuck-ness' and uncertainty can beset anyone. Just as feelings of belonging, life satisfaction, connectedness and life-purpose appeal to most people. Sometimes processing through the difficulties or confusions you experience is best done with the aid of a boundaried, professional space. I offer a confidential and impartial, non-judgmental ear, in a quiet and emotionally safe environment to facilitate your growth in self-understanding.

By accompanying you to think with ease and see your situations in life with clarity, and peace of mind, I stand beside you on the journey toward realising and actualising your personal values and so attaining toward your best versions of yourself.
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"A person does what he does because he sees the world as he sees it"


                                                                                                                                    Alfred Korzybski

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About me -
Josef Kala
BSc Psychology
MA Jungian & Post - Jungian Studies
PG Diploma in Psychology & Psychotherapy


I work as a phenomenological and psychodynamic psychotherapist in a quiet and safe space where reflexive awareness, honest self-reflection, inquisitiveness and courage are key parts of the process toward increased self-knowledge, and an embodied sense of personal growth and self-development

What meets your needs most?

Psychologist Session

Open ended therapy

Questioning, understanding and working on oneself are life-long tasks that can never be complete. If you are open to or are seeking ongoing support, I offer long term or open-ended therapy where we can continually revisit what matters to us most.


Short term therapy

If you are seeking something more focused to address specific concerns, perhaps my short therapy model of 8 - 12 sessions suits you better. Herein we can delineate aims for our work from the outset and strive toward them.


Contact me

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on 07950 708597, alternatively you can enquire by emailing me at

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